Facilities Committee 1/18/10

The Facilities Committee acts as an advisory board to the pastor regarding the upkeep of the physical buildings and grounds of the parish.  This committee meets once a month. 

The purpose of each member is to be aware of any physical problems that he or she may see or encounter around the church property.  The problems will be reported and discussed at each monthly meeting, or if the problem is urgent, it can be reported directly to the pastor for immediate attention.

Members do research for the committee on how to resolve issues that are in need of repair or modifications.  Members report back to the committee on their findings and the issue is discussed.  A member may also be put in charge of a particular project.

The Facilities Committee plans general parish cleanup days, inviting all parishioners to participate, as needed during the year.

To join the Facilities Committe, please call parish office at:  (510)351-5244

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